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Steve Bruce considers retirement after being sacked by Newcastle******

LONDON, Oct. 20 (Xinhua) -- Newcastle United has sacked Steve Bruce from his position as manager following just over two seasons in charge of the club form the north-east of England.

Bruce had expected to be sacked almost immediately in the wake of the Saudi takeover of the club on October 7th, but clung on for a few days more and was in charge for Sunday's 3-2 defeat at home to Tottenham which leaves them second from bottom of the Premier League without a win in its first eight games of the season.

The 60-year-old's first two seasons in charge saw Newcastle finish 13th and 12th in the table without being drawn into a battle to avoid relegation.

The club has confirmed it has already begun to search for a replacement with former Roma boss Paulo Fonseca thought to be the early favorite, although Graeme Jones will be in temporary charge for Saturday's game away to Crystal Palace.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph newspaper after his leave had been confirmed, Bruce commented that he was considering retiring from management after a coaching career dating back to 1998.

"I think this might be my last job. It's not just about me; it's taken its toll on my whole family because they are all Geordies (from Newcastle) and I can't ignore that."

Despite being a boyhood Newcastle fan, Bruce was never accepted by the club's fans, partly because he spent most of his playing days with Manchester United and also because he had a spell coaching bitter local rivals Sunderland.

"It has been very, very tough. To never really be wanted, to feel that people wanted me to fail and saying I would fail, that I was useless, a fat waste of space, a tactically inept cabbage head," he commented, adding that his family, his wife especially "have been worried about me."

"I'm 60 years old and I don't know if I want to put her through it again. We've got a good life so, yeah, this will probably be me done as a manager," added Bruce. Enditem

NE China coal producer opens new mines to boost energy supply******

HARBIN, Oct. 20 (Xinhua) -- Longmay Mining Holding Group Co. Ltd, the largest coal producer in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, started to build four new mines on Wednesday in an effort to meet the rising energy demand, as winter heating season began in the northernmost province.

Sun Chengkun, board chairman of the company, said that the new projects in Jixi, Shuangyashan, Hegang and Qitaihe cities would add more than 4 million tonnes of annual coal production capacity.

Thermal power still takes up a large share of China's energy output, accounting for about 70 percent of its power generation. The heating season has added pressure to the power supply in north China.

The country is making all-out efforts to ensure power supply after power outages halted factory production and hit families in some regions.

The provincial government of Heilongjiang has approved funds worth 200 million yuan (about 31 million U.S. dollars) to assist Longmay in smart mining technical upgrading. Enditem

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男子在小区门口捡信用卡盗刷现金 结果被阎良警方刑拘******  \

10月15日上午,曹先生将一面写有“人民公安为人民 百姓财产守护神”的锦旗送到公安阎良分局蓝天路派出所民警的手中,对民警帮助其找回信用卡被盗刷的15600元表示感谢。





  华商报记者 谢涛

Brazilian surfers beat Portuguese giant waves******

By Leonardo Gottems。

NAZARE, Portugal, Dec. 13 (Xinhua) -- Brazilian surfer Lucas "Chumbo" Chianca came out the grand champion of the Nazare Tow Surfing Challenge, part of the World Surf League (WSL), held in northwestern Portugal on Monday.。

Competing alongside Hawaiian Kai Lenny, the Brazilian took individual and team awards in the competition, being one of the few surfers to board a giant wave on a morning of many accidents and rescues with jet-skis in the giant waves.。

In addition to the "tube" wave that earned him 8.17 points, the Brazilian surfer managed a good backup of 7.00 points, which made the difference in the final accounts.。

"It's an honor to tow and partner with Kai. He definitely got me on the best waves of the day and we did our best out there. This is one of the best performances of my life and I am very happy," said "Chumbo" to the press.。

The second place went to another Brazilian Pedro Scooby, who competed alongside with his Portuguese partner Nic von Rupp to get the highest score 9.50 in the event and earned the surfer award for best attitude in the championship.。

Kai Lenny was the third with a total of 19.07 points, further from the dispute for the triumph, but decisive for the triumph for teams.。

Chianca finished with 23.34 points, out of a total of 30, while Scooby was 22.90 at the event that started at 8:00 (local time) and lasted about six hours.。

In the women's division, French surfer Justine Dupont won the tournament for the second time, dominating a series of critical waves and beating her only two competitors, the Brazilians Maya Gabeira and Michelle des Bouillons.。

The waves in Nazare also called "cannons" become gigantic as they pass through a 5,000 meter (16,000 ft) deep canyon that ends close to the coast, channeling the cold, unpredictable waters of the Atlantic Ocean to break north of the ancient city of Portuguese fishermen.。

Surfers from all over the world challenged the multi-meter waves, but the Nazare Tow Surfing Challenge, which was scheduled for Sunday, was eventually postponed due to an all-day fog.。

The event was marked by an incident that could have had serious consequences when Briton Andrew Cotton had a big scare when he got stuck on the rocks and was eventually saved by another surfer, Brazilian Marcelo Luna. Enditem。





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