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Panicking Kiev residents yearn for early ceasefire, return to peace******

Air raid sirens wailing across Kiev are awakening residents in the Ukrainian capital to the bleak reality of an ongoing military operation that is dangerously close.

For the past three days, residents have been going on a nerve-wracking trip to-and-fro between bomb shelters, grocery stores and their apartments as fears of imminent danger are compounded by anxiety over food shortages and risks of COVID-19 infection.

Iryna, a 28-year-old local who only gave her first name, told a Xinhua correspondent that she was horrified at the sound of bombing and shelling during the day, and was planning to stay in her windowless bathroom overnight in case of further air strikes.

The city of some 3 million people, once a hub of bustling activities, has been plunged into chaos since Day One of Russia's military operation on Thursday.

According to the latest information released by the two sides, multiple military targets across Ukraine were under attack; fighting was reported across several fronts; explosions were heard at Boryspil International Airport and other places across the city.

Sleep has been a luxury for many locals who stayed up all night fearing that they might miss the sirens and end up alone in the danger zone.

Oksana, a 40-year-old manager, who also only gave her first name, said she was hiding in an underground parking area following a siren on Day One, and has kept her bag at the door ever since.

"Like all people in my country, I am scared. I do not understand when and how this will end. It has been only one day of the war, but it seems to me that it has been a month. I hope that all of this can somehow be stopped," Oksana said.

In downtown Kiev, the local bus system, subway, banks, supermarkets, pharmacies and hotels were still running normally. However, operations in private shops and bookstores had ground to a halt due to curfews and air raids.

Long lines snaked outside of gas stations, water stations, supermarkets and ATMs as people scrambled to withdraw money and stock up on supplies.

Anna, 37, who also only gave her first name, told Xinhua that sales in her cosmetics stores in Kiev had dropped by 40 percent in the past month due to heightened tensions.

Not planning to leave the city because her children are still in school, she hoped that life could return to normal as soon as possible.

As some of Kiev's residents rushed into nearby churches and subway stations in a desperate attempt to avoid artillery fire, others were reportedly seen leaving the city on foot along the highway, carrying children, pets and suitcases.

According to the UN refugee agency UNHCR, around 100,000 people had fled their homes within Ukraine and several thousand more had left the country since the conflict erupted.

Refugee High Commissioner Filippo Grandi had voiced serious concern over the rapid deterioration of the situation as military operations unfolded across Ukraine.

"I hope that the Ukrainian society and leaders will remain cool and devoted to the strategic interests of Ukraine," a Kiev resident said. "I would like to believe that we will have enough composure and wisdom to overcome this."

Paralympic champion Liu grateful to her "eyes" Xu******

By Sportswriters Yao Youming, Wang Ze and Zhao Yingbo

XI'AN, China, Oct. 24 (Xinhua) -- Liu Cuiqing, a visually impaired Chinese Paralympic champion, pocketed her second medal at the 11th China's National Games for Persons with Disabilities on Sunday.

On Sunday, Liu clocked 12.45 seconds to win a silver after Zhou Guohua from Guangdong in women's 100m T11 event.

With guide Xu Donglin, the 29-year-old secured her first gold medal of the major event on Saturday by winning the women's 400m T11 final.

Having won four golds in the 10th edition of the Games, Liu faced many troubles in the ongoing 11th edition of the Games.

After the Tokyo Paralympics, Liu was exhausted and had few normal training in quarantine. Furthermore, Xu suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee just ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.

When the duo entered the stadium on Saturday, Xu helped Liu stand on the block quickly and the pair finished a quick warm-up. When the 400m event was about to begin, Xu guided Liu to get ready carefully. He encouraged Liu by patting her on her shoulder.

Liu opened an early gap in the race, which no one was able to narrow. At last, the elite Paralympic athlete crossed the finish line in one minute and 1.21 seconds.

Liu began to take up the track and field training when her running talent was discovered in school.

Xu was a professional athlete. When he intended to retire eight years ago, he was selected as the guide of Liu.

The 1.83-meter-tall Xu was shy while meeting the 1.65m-tall Liu in the year 2013.

But after thousands of practices, the duo collaborated better and better. Now Liu can sprint or turn left smoothly at the special signals sent by Xu through the rope between them.

Liu said that if she could have three days to see, she would look at her partner firstly. The people around the duo told Liu that Xu is a handsome man.

"In my opinion, Donglin is my elder brother. I'd like to thank him for bringing me to podium in major events since 2013," Liu told Xinhua.

"We have cooperated for eight years and got many medals in national and international events. This brought me a sense of achievement," said Xu.

After the long and tough season, the golden pair will have a good rest each.

"We will part for several months. My knee injury needs time to recover. I'd like to create more better results in Paris Paralympic 2024 with Cuiqing," 32-year-old Xu noted. Enditem

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Xinjiang cultural heritage inheritors refute "cultural genocide" claims******

URUMQI, Dec. 6 (Xinhua) -- Representatives of ethnic cultural and art inheritors in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region denounced accusations of "cultural genocide" in the region at a press conference on Monday.。

They refuted the fallacies with detailed data, specific regional policies on culture protection and their own experiences.。

Gvli Ablim, host of the press conference, said that the regional government has attached great importance to the protection and development of the fine traditional cultures of all ethnic groups, introducing policies and measures to develop the cultural undertakings of ethnic minorities.。

To date, Xinjiang has a total of 4,640 representative intangible cultural heritage projects, including 94 national intangible cultural heritage projects. The region now has 112 national intangible cultural heritage inheritors.。

Ablajan Nurmaimait is a Yengisar knife maker of some renown in Yengisar County, Kashgar Prefecture, in Xinjiang. The Yengisar knife is a local specialty known for its exquisite shape, beautiful decoration and sharp edge.。

"I learned how to make the knife from my father since my childhood. Now, I run a Yengisar knife handicraft cooperative with my wife and sell products through livestreaming online," he said. As more and more tourists come to his village, the craftsman is enjoying burgeoning sales of his handicrafts.。

Nulsalik Dawutbek has been making delicate artworks in wood for more than 40 years. The methods of wood carving, a traditional craft for the Kazakh ethnic group, were passed down to him through the generations.。

"My dad used to teach me to make wood-carving toys, and now I make funny toys with the kids, who are already familiar with the art of wood carving," he said.。

The anti-China forces have distorted facts and maliciously spread the fallacy of "cultural genocide" in the region, said Gvli Ablim, but it is the inheritors of culture and art of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang that have the final say and are the most trustworthy and persuasive witnesses on the topic. Enditem。

西安绕城快速一货车着火 现阶段火已被扑灭 无人员受伤******






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