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(CIIE) Feature: Afghan carpet merchant eyes good business prospects at CIIE******

SHANGHAI, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- Hanging carpets with exotic, delicate patterns like blossoming flowers and stretching tendrils, Ali Faiz, a 27-year-old carpet merchant from Afghanistan, wrapped up his last preparations for the fourth China International Import Expo (CIIE), which opened Thursday night.。

Faiz had long been looking forward to the expo held annually in Shanghai. "When I bring the carpets here, I also bring the hope of people in my hometown with me," he said in fluent Chinese.。

Last year, he attended the CIIE for the first time, introducing his products to Chinese consumers. Not only had his products attracted lots of buyers, but he also got a chance to display and sell his products in the Greenland Global Commodity Trading Hub, next to the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), where the CIIE took place.。

All these boost him to make up his mind to continue his participation in the expo.。

However, it was anything but easy for him to participate in this year's CIIE, and the shipment of the exhibits to Shanghai also went through difficulties, but he never wavered in his determination.。

"It is with great responsibilities that I am here this year." He added the carpets he sells come from more than a dozen towns in central and northern Afghanistan. Therefore, the CIIE was crucial to the livelihoods of many carpet-weaving families there.。

To better cater to the Chinese consumers, they came up with tailor-made solutions this year. Among all the exhibits in the booth, there were also some designed by him and handmade as a mark of friendship for China.。

"Personally speaking, I have studied and worked in China for seven years and the country has offered me educational and entrepreneurial opportunities," he said.。

Faiz said the name of his company is "BRARO" and means "brothers," and just as the name indicates, he strives to seek brotherhood and cooperation in China.。

"I have received bunches of attention and warmth at the CIIE and in China," Faiz said.。

He also hoped that the bilateral trade between Afghanistan and China could be further promoted, and more specialty products from Afghanistan exported to China. Enditem。

Haaland is no option to replace Lewandowski, says Rummenigge******

By Oliver Trust。

BERLIN, Nov. 1 (Xinhua) -- Robert Lewandowski's most spectacular goal might have been overlooked by a majority of the public.。

No TV camera covered the Pole's stunning shot fired off on the training pitch hitting an unusual target such as the office window of Hasan Salihamidzic. Bayern sporting director had been warned in time and left his window open.。

Ahead of the Champions League group encounter against Benfica this Tuesday evening, the Bavarian spearhead took the opportunity and kicked the ball inside.。

The former striker Salihamidzic turned into a goalkeeper catching the ball before it damaged his beloved coffee machine.。

The 33-year-old's spectacular goal might have remembered the manager of the importance of the Pole for the 2020 treble winner: That it might be time to talk about an extension of his in 2023 expiring contract ahead of his 100th Champions League game for Bayern.。

Not only has former chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge demanded to speed up considering rumors the attacker might head for new shores for the final years of his career, but media reports also talk of the interest of Manchester City and Paris St. Germain.。

"I guess Bayern is aware of the value he has for Bayern," Rummenigge said calling the Pole "the benchmark of strikers." The 66-year-old former striker recommended offering a new contract and ending discussions to possibly join the overheated race for Dortmund striker Erling Haaland.。

"There is no one better than him. Not even Cristiano Ronaldo," Rummenigge said. The former German international said Lewandowski can continue for some more years on the highest level.。

The former official's conclusion: Bayern can't afford Haaland. And the club shouldn't change its one-striker system. Lewandowski and Haaland is no sense making this option in his opinion.。

Rummenigge is convinced Bayern should skip his principle to only offer one-year contracts for over 30-year-old and provide two years in this case.。

Media reports lately spoke of Lewandowski being annoyed by rumors speaking of Bayern thinking about a Haaland transfer.。

Statistics speak of the striker having delivered at least one goal in each of his games for Bayern since he joined the club in 2014.。

When crushing Union Berlin in the league 5-2 last weekend, the Pole scored his goals eleven and twelve after ten rounds of matches.。

It seems common sense: Without his goals, Bayern can hardly realize its goal to win this season's Champions League campaign. The Pole has scored 78.。

Julian Nagelsmann said his striker deserves this season's Ballon d'Or award. "He has been unbelievably consistent over the past years; like no one else," Bayern's coach said.。

However, his future plans might look like, Lewandowski seems fully focused on his current club.。

He admitted, he doesn't like to speak about his job. "I rather think about training and finding new ways of how to score goals and win games. I am a very grounded person." Enditem。

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